jQueryUI draggable and resizable with knockout.js

See on Scoop.it - JCZRAIBY-SCOOPSituation: viewModel is rendered on the client using knockout.js; part of the model is a collection of resizable and draggable divs.The problem: once the div is dragged/resised how to update the model with new coordinates?The solution is to use custom binding and handle the event of end of resize and end …

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Code Refactoring vs Architecture Refactoring | Refactoring Ideas

See on Scoop.it - JCZRAIBY-SCOOPEverybody knows the meaning of Refactoring; the base of Agile Programming, and the best way to continuously increase the code quality. But Refactoring is not always the same, two different categories can be defined:Code refactoringArchitecture refactoringSee on http://www.refactoringideas.com