SharePoint 2013 – 10 Productivity Points

SharePoint 2013 - Productivity points from Johnny Zraiby


Varchar vs char vs nvarchar vs nchar

CHAR is fixed length. VARCHAR is a varying length. Typically I would recommend you use VARCHAR all the time, unless you have a short (< 5 char) field and you are 100% sure it is a set size. The "N" at the beginning signifies a double byte character to store Unicode data. Use that if you need to …

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[SharePoint] AutoSPInstaller, outil d’installation automatique

AutoSPInstaller est un outil qui permet l'installation d'une plateforme SharePoint 2010 ou 2013. Vous pouvez trouver cet outil sur CodePlex: 1. Une fois le fichier de configuration est bien établi, vous n'avez qu'à lancer l'installation et passer à faire autre chose. 2. Toute l'installation est maitrisée par un fichier XML et vous pouvez utiliser …

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jQueryUI draggable and resizable with knockout.js

See on - JCZRAIBY-SCOOPSituation: viewModel is rendered on the client using knockout.js; part of the model is a collection of resizable and draggable divs.The problem: once the div is dragged/resised how to update the model with new coordinates?The solution is to use custom binding and handle the event of end of resize and end …

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