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Different Types of Constructors in C#

A constructor is a method in the class which gets executed when its object is created. A constructor is usually used to initialize data members of the class. There are four different types of constructors: Default Constructor When you do not declare any constructor, the class will call its default constructor. The default constructor is a parameter… Continue reading Different Types of Constructors in C#


What is Connection Pooling in Asp.Net ?

– Connecting to a database server typically consists of several time consuming steps.Most application use only one or a few different configurations for connections. – This means that during application execution many identical connections will be repeated opened and closed. – To minimize the cost of opening connections ADO.NET uses an optimization technique called Connection Pooling. – Connection… Continue reading What is Connection Pooling in Asp.Net ?


Application State, Session State and View State

Web applications are stateless by nature, which means that you don’t have a native way to handle state. Even though no native way exists to handle state as per the HTTP protocol, modern application frameworks (like ASP.NET) provide a lot of features in this area. The typical ASP.NET application contains different state management techniques that… Continue reading Application State, Session State and View State


Page Life Cycle in ASP.Net

Within Each stage of the life cycle the page raises Events that you can handle to run your own code. These are as follows 1-PreInit Raised before the Initialization stage begins Here the Ispostback property is checked to determine whether the first time the page is being processed. 2-Init Raised after all the controls have… Continue reading Page Life Cycle in ASP.Net

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Governance in SharePoint 2013

Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how an organization s business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals. The three major area for governing SharePoint 2013 are: 1) IT Governance: Software and Services 2) Information Management: Content and Information stored by users 3) Application Management: Custom… Continue reading Governance in SharePoint 2013